Gabriel Moraes Aquino
tel. +33 7 68 85 68 96
Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1994. 
Living and working in Paris, France since 2017.
Gabriel Moraes Aquino researches the possible forms of intersections between the exchange of intimacy and the impermanence of temporary homes. 
His main source of references comes from his travels, stories, images, texts, raw and recovered materials. Those elements helps him to demonstrate how the actions of an event or a context, by its irregularities and its vestiges, can affirm a trace of a particular time and place: which somehow integrates and transforms an experience.
In order to reveal possible simple aspects and variations of a context, he often presents his work as performative actions and installations mixing different medias, objects and evidences of his presence.
Before arriving in France, he worked collectively with 3 other artists in Brazil. The art collective known as Gregário were composed by Gabriel Moraes Aquino, Maxwell Alexandre, Eduardo de Barros, Raoni Azevedo for around 2 years. During this period they were constantly looking for spaces to occupy and develop relationships of affection and communion. Their interests were consisted mostly in the discussion and experimentation of creative processes and the conditions of legitimisation of an artwork.
In order to put these subjects into practice they organised workshops and interventions in the city, the nature and in abandoned places. Later, these early experiments led to the emergence of A Noiva (The Bride) aka The Church of the Kingdom of Art, where we gather through faith-related worship in artistic practice.
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