experimental research on the weight of textual information that is expressed through artifacts, objects and processes that create a duality between the material and symbolic weight of words. The forms of use of the weight are numerous. As a physical magnitude, it is commonly used in situations that require a technical analysis or negotiation parameter. From a conceptual point of view, the perspectives of interpretation are diverse, and depending on the context, weight will play a very important role in the association of values ​​with things. It is body weight, weight of clothing, weight of steel, weight of paper, weight of heart, weight of government, weight of repression, weight of tolerance, psychological weight , The weight of lightness, the weight of the recovery, the value of the weight. Through this reasoning I try to observe beyond the material aspect and propose processes of poetic construction by means of reflections about the weight of words and the possible physical and speculative variables attributed to them by their value.
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